Girls, the New Season



Tonight the HBO series ‘Girls’ returns for its second season.

You should watch because:

1.  It is about four girls – their life, hopes, dreams, frustrations as they try to find their way in New York City after graduation.  Inevitably comparisons to “Sex and the City” abound, but none of the issues are glossed over with fashion.

2.  If you have a daughter, you definitely need to see this (but not with her unless she’s 18).

3.  Judd Apatow (Forty Year Old Virgin) is the executive producer.

4.  You will be shocked – there’s a reason why it is on HBO.

5. Finally and most importantly you need to watch because of Lena Dunham – this 26-year-old is the creator, writer, director, and star (she plays Hannah) of this series, and quite frankly, her utter fearlessness is impressive.


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