My Favourite Magazine

Issues 1 - 4

The Simple Things,  Issues 1 – 4

This past fall I discovered a new British monthly lifestyle magazine that I am now shamelessly dedicated (or is that addicted?)  to.  Each issue has been packed full of wonderful ideas (even the adverts are beautifully presented).  The covers alone are frameworthy.  From the ‘Learn Something New’ (Adult Ballet) sidebar, to ‘Things to Wake Up and Want’ marketplace, each page saturates the eye.

While the images are stunning (and this is really important to me) it is the content that will keep you searching for the next new issue.  The mission statement includes the four main categories of  grow, cook, make, and share, organized under the headings of ‘dawn’, ‘day’, and ‘dusk’.  Articles include recipes, city tours, food notes,  gifting, gathering, crafting,  collecting and on and on.  I’m still not sure how they pack so much into each issue and still manage to be within budget. Unlike most North American mags, the advertising is almost non-existent.

pate 2

In the third issue, this article about ‘The Expert’, master pate chef Marc-Frederic Berry, known as “Le Charcutier Anglais” was not only informative but mouth watering – thank goodness it was accompanied by a couple of recipes.

The City tour (London) from the 4th issue.

The City (London) from the 4th issue.

Every issue includes an interview with someone who has chosen to re-locate to a city of their choosing.  Thus far Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, and London have been profiled.  I love this section.

Simple Things 4



Another favourite regular monthly section of mine is the one entitled ‘The Collector’.  Issue Two interviewed Nicky Albrechtsen, a serious scarf collector, who focuses on the scarf’s cultural, social, industrial and political history in a new book  being published by Thames and Hudson entitled ‘Scarves’.

I encourage you to seek this magazine out – it is available at any Chapters/Indigo.   Let me know if you like it as much as I do!


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