Knit a Hat for Bondadagur

Tomorrow is Husband’s Day or Bondadagur  in Iceland.

At least to the best of my ability to figure it out, I believe it is tomorrow – it is a moveable feast roughly calculated to the end of January, combining  the ancient calendar month of Thorri with the modern calendar. ( To all in Iceland,  please forgive me if I’m off a day or two.)

To celebrate,  wives and girlfriends in Iceland  pamper their men with a feast of traditional foods that include:  dried fish, putrefied shark, soured blood and liver pudding, and ram’s testicles, washed down with something spirited.  More recently men have started to receive flowers (which sounds like a better offering, but I’m not a guy, so who knows).

I started thinking that the concept of Husband’s Day is kinda great, but how would we celebrate it here in Canada?  Well, since it is January and it is pretty chilly out there, why not knit a hat ?

I’d like to suggest Jared Flood’s Turn a Square, a free download on Ravelry.  (According to their stats, 13,317 people have made this hat, as have most of my friends, so I know it’s a pretty good pattern)

If you combine Noro Silk Garden with a soft tweed worsted weight yarn such as Mirasol Akapana you are guaranteed to get a stunning result.

This is my pick for my husband's hat:  Noro Silk Garden with Mirasol Akapana.

This is my colour  pick for my husband’s hat: Noro Silk Garden with Mirasol Akapana.

Here’s the link for the free hat pattern  download



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2 responses to “Knit a Hat for Bondadagur

  1. Nothing says pampering like ram’s testicles!

    • Thank goodness it seems that the women get flowers on ‘Wife’s Day’ – Konudagur. (My husband preferred the hat btw – but then, being Irish, he didn’t grow up with a bunch of haggis eaters like I did!)

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