I know it’s cold outside…..

Okay, yes, it is January and pretty chilly out there this week.     I’m as guilty as anyone of just wanting to hibernate inside, but I’m reminded  how healthy it is to just bundle up and get moving.

Go for a walk – besides being good for your general well being, you never know who you might meet.    While out for some air one day near Lunenburg during December, I met little Miss Bossyboots herself.




Sheep three



sheep two


I guess she could sense the ‘Knitter’ in me so she wasn’t letting me come any closer!



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5 responses to “I know it’s cold outside…..

  1. Patti

    Awww she is so cute! Looks nice and soft too.

  2. Love the black legs and faces. So fluffy!

  3. turtlemapper

    Ok, not strictly knitting related but there are a few sheep in here….. Nova Scotia Archives just posted a set of Archive Airphotos on line. I don’t recognize most of the places but perhaps you will see something familiar and interesting


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