Object of My Affection

Well…. I was feeling as if I was the only one in the knitting world who hadn’t made a “Color Affection” by Finnish Designer Veera Valimaki.

Okay,  maybe there are others like me, but according to Ravelry, 8,036 people have made one.  That equals a lot of “Color Affection”  shawls out there.

I really admire the streamlined design – a lovely crescent shaped shawl using three contrasting colours – a modern take on an old favourite.

And then Jenny, my dear friend, gave me these beautiful mittens for Christmas.


Jenny knit them for me from one of our favourite yarns:  Malabrigo Arroyo, a kettle-dyed 100% Merino superwash sport weight yarn made in Peru.  She combined  “Glitter”,one of my favourite colourways, with  Escorias and Natural.  (I adore the pom poms).

I was instantly inspired and I could see the possibilities of this colour combination for the elusive “Color Affection”.

So, grabbing a skein in each colourway,  I made this:


I’ve hardly taken it off….except to take these photos.


I LOVE it.  So now 8,037 people have made one.  And my mother has already placed her order….in her favourite colours of ‘blue’.




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6 responses to “Object of My Affection

  1. Jenny

    It turned out amazing! I may have to make the 8308th colour affection in arroyo..Hmmm gotta go pick colours!

  2. ixony

    This is such a gorgeous colour combination — fresh and classic at the same time. I just love it! Brava!

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